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  • Chia WU

Video: Watsons Water’s Bottle Recycling Project 屈臣氏蒸餾水膠樽回收計劃



Plastic pollution has become one of the environmental issues that urgently needs to be solved. The water bottle, which we all use on a daily basis, is the primary resource of plastic pollution. To cope with this issue, since 2015, Watsons Water has started the journey of recycling plastic bottles. Watsons Water has launched the 100% recycled PET material, generations of reverse vending machines, and the aluminium bottle, which initiatives are gradually responding to consumers' consumption and lifestyle habits. From the selection of raw materials to the management of the recycling process, a circular economy for recycling has been established. This short video introduces the origin, implementations, and future visions of Watsons Water’s recycling project. Everyone can also start to participate in this circular economy by taking immediate actions.

By Chia Wu (video, text)





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