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  • Chia WU

Video: L’Oréal Hong Kong’s Green Retail Program香港歐萊雅綠色零售


為推動香港綠色零售的發展,歐萊雅集團2021年開啟了一項全城跨品牌回收計劃。消費者可以在商場、連鎖門店以及銷售歐萊雅旗下化妝品品牌的任何地方回收美妝產品包裝。香港在開展回收計劃方面尚在起步階段,在這樣一座城市推行如此大規模的回收行動絕非易事。在這隻影片中,歐萊雅集團供應鏈總監Pascaline Weber和香港歐萊雅企業傳訊、公共事務及可持續發展總監Linda Yan詳細介紹了開展回收計劃遇到的挑戰以及應對策略。基於歐萊雅的跨品牌回收計劃目前取得的成效,未來該項目會逐漸增加參與品牌的數量和拓展美妝產品包裝的再利用方案,構建綠色零售的循環經濟。

Aiming to drive the growth of Hong Kong green retail, L’Oréal Hong Kong launches a cross-brand recycling program across the city since 2021 . Cosmetic packaging may be recycled in department stores, chain stores, and everywhere L'Oréal brands are sold. In terms of the recycling program, Hong Kong is quite a new market, which makes it not easy to launch such a large-scale recycling project. In this short video, Pascaline Weber, Supply Chain Director of L'Oréal Group, and Linda Yan, Director of Communications, Public Affairs & Sustainability of L'Oréal Hong Kong, introduced the challenges encountered in implementing this recycling program and the countermeasures. Based on the progress of the cross-brand recycling program, more brands will participate, and plans for recycling and reusing packaging will also be expanded, to construct a circular economy of green retail.

By Chia Wu (video, text)



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