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Video: “The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels’ Sustainability Journey”香港上海酒店可持續發展之旅



本視將頻介紹該集團在負責任採購、可持續房間設計、節能節水、垃圾分流、社區投資等方面所作出的努力,與此同時將可持續發展注入公司文化,讓員工能夠身體力行實踐可持續發展理念。通過這些努力確保“尊尚傳承” 成為集團的核心經營理念和長遠發展方針,透過提供可持續且貼心周到的優質服務,確保為客人呈獻賓至如歸的體驗。

The traditional idea of luxury service and principles of sustainability may seem contradictory, and while this holds true for some, it does not limit business operators from taking steps towards a greener, more sustainable operation. Let’s take a look at one of world’s longest standing and iconic luxury hotels, The Peninsula Hotels (owned and managed by The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited) and how they instil sustainability practices in their daily operations and long-term strategic vision.

This video introduces the efforts of the group regarding responsible sourcing, sustainable room design, energy and water saving, waste diversion, community investment, all the while instilling sustainability into the company culture so that employees can live and breathe sustainability. Through these efforts, the company ensures “Sustainable Luxury” becomes an integral part of their long-term mindset, and can therefore offer their guests impeccable service which is also sustainable, thoughtful and purposeful.

By Chia Wu (video, text)





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